Executive Producer: Lissa Swan
Podcast Manager: Megan King of Megan King Services
Executive Producer: Lissa Swan
Podcast Manager: Megan King of Megan King Services
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Are you a change agent at your wit’s end?

If you’re the friend who often gets told, “Please don’t start...” then this is the podcast for you! You want to change the world, you want people to care about anti-Blackness, and you want White folx to take accountability for ending oppression, but your arguments fall flat, right?

I know they do and I also know why.

You’re boring, friend. Not you, really, but your approach is as stale as three-day old toast.

Let me fill you in on a secret:

People who already don’t value the humanity of Black people aren’t interested in stats and facts. They literally don’t give a damn.

I’ve spent over 15 years standing in rooms making liberation a tangible goal for thousands of folx from all walks of life. I’ve heard every counter-argument to adopting an anti-oppressive stance and I’ve crushed them all.

Let me guide you to better language and compelling arguments for a better world.

Listen to the Latest Episodes

Listen to the Latest Episodes

"The gap between wanting to do and needing to do this work is only as dire as your commitment to equity.”

-Wanda Swan

Featured Episodes

15: The Art of Revolution

Wanda is joined by Meera Seshadri, MSPH, to talk about how she has arrived at a place where her passions and values have aligned with a life of activism. Meera shares her journey and what “come get your white people” means to her.


14: Launching A.B.L.E.: The Good, The Bad, and the Coaching, Part 2

This is Part 2 of the conversation that was started in Episode 13. Lissa Swan, Dr. Marvette Lacy, and I talk more about launching The A.B.L.E. Institute and what it means to do this work.


13: Launching A.B.L.E.: The Good, The Bad, and the Coaching

Lissa Swan is back with me and we’re joined by our business coach, Dr. Marvette Lacy, for a conversation about the road to A.B.L.E. and what we have learned along the way.

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